(Last Update: April 2019)



FROSTMOON ECLIPSE was born from the hands of Claudio.



The first demo "Cold Silvery Eye" is released.



The second demo "...To Exalt My Triumph" is released.



Black Tears Of Death Prod. (Italy) releases the debut MCD "Supreme Triumph In Black".



Maggot Records (Italy) releases "Revenge In Scorn" 7"-EP.

The band starts playing live.



FROSTMOON ECLIPSE record the first full CD "Gathering The Dark" for Iso666 Releases from Greece.



The band records a couple of covers (Bulldozer and Judas Iscariot) for some tribute albums.



Out the second full album "Death Is Coming" still for Iso666 Releases.

In Autumn the band records a Carnivore song for the tribute album.



Akne Productions from Slovakia release a Tape version of "Death Is Coming".

Chinese label Mort Productions releases a split CD with Ritual Day (China).

The Carnivore tribute CD got released by Fetch The Rope Records from USA.



Eyes Of The Dead Prod. (Italy) releases "As Life Fades Away..." Tape containing the split CD plus some covers.

Out also the official third album "Dead And Forever Gone" released by Iso666 Releases.



In June FROSTMOON ECLIPSE record an album of covers with no plans to a sure release date.

In Summer Iso666 Releases prints the Judas Iscariot tribute CD.

In December the band records the new and official 4th album called "Another Face Of Hell".



In Spring Zerstörungs Produktionen releases the long awaited Judas Iscariot tribute 2 LP

and Metal Rulez Productions releases a Tribute to Venom.

In September Iso666 Releases prints the 4th album "Another Face Of Hell".

In October War Flagellation Productions from Portugal release "Another Face Of Hell" in Tape format.



In Spring Rusty Axe Records releases the Tribute to VON CD.

In May God Is Myth Records releases "I Am Providence" EP.

In July God Is Myth Records releases "The Legacy", a "best of" CD containing old sold-out stuff.

In November Ars Magna Records releases "Beauty.Darkness.Chaos",

a 3 way split CD with Chaos Moon (Usa) and Benighted In Sodom (Usa).

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE toured Usa for the first time.


After the US tour FROSTMOON ECLIPSE take a long break to concentrate on the new album.


In Summer Armee De La Mort Records releases "Human Infanticide", a split 7"-ep with Annthennath (Fra).
Still in Summer FROSTMOON ECLIPSE record the new 5th album that is called "The End Stands Silent".

In Autumn of the same year the band signs a worldwide deal with French famous Osmose Productions.


In January/February Osmose Productions releases "The End Stands Silent" in both CD and LP.
In March Nekrogoat Heresy Productions and Caverna Abismal Records join forces

to release a breand new limited vinyl EP called "A Ticket To Nowhere EP".


In October/November
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE oficially toured Europe for the first time.

9 shows together with Corpus Christii (Portugal) and Somrak (Slovenia).


More shows and some new composition/recording plus remastering of old material.


In February/March Necroterror Records releases "Waiting For The Darkest Day",

a 4 way split LP with The Stone (Srb), Horned Almighty (Dk) and Somrak (Slo) including and exclusive song.

In May Aphelion Productions re-prints a remastered version of "Another Face Of Hell" album in limited Digipack CD.


After a long break on songwriting, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE records a new full length in January.

In July the band signs a deal with Black Blood Records (Germany) to release the new album

entitled "The Greatest Loss".

In September Tyrannus Records (Chile) releases "Death To Thy World", a 4 way split limited digipack CD including the long time sold out "A Ticket To Nowhere" EP, previously released on vinyl only.

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE shares the split with Triumfall (Srb), The Last Knell (Chi) and Nadiwrath (Gre).


In April Black Blood Records releases "The Greatest Loss" CD.
Still in April Fudgeworthy Records releases a split 7" including an exclusive song to be released on vinyl only.

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE shares the split with Moloch (Ukr).


In September Worship Tapes Records releases "The Greatest Loss" Tape.

After some shows FROSTMOON ECLIPSE take a long break to write a new album.


In May the band signs a deal with Immortal Frost Productions (Belgium) to release the new album

entitled "Worse Weather To Come", scheduled for autumn 2019.


In April Black Tears Productions (Italy) releases "The Legacy II", a "best of" CD containing old sold-out stuff.





Lorenzo Sassi - Vocals

Claudio Alcara – Guitars
Davide Gorrini – Bass
Gionata Potenti – Drums