"Death Is Coming"
CD/MC - 2003 - Iso666 Releases/Akne Productions

1 - The Darkest Season Of Humanity
2 - Wolves Are Hungry
3 - The Black Tide
4 - Funeral
5 - World In Ruin
6 - In A Sea Of Blood
7 - Blindness
8 - Waiting For The Storm






Claudio Alcara - Guitars

Gherardo Giannarelli - Bass

Gionata Potenti - Drums/Vocals



Considered by the critic as the most violent and aggressive album by Frostmoon Eclipse, "Death Is Coming" see the light in 2003, still released by Iso666 Releases from Greece and later on also in pro-done tape by Slovakian Akne Productions, and it is a sold-out release now. "Death Is Coming" is a Black-Metal storm that takes no prisoners. Fast and Aggressive Black-Metal with Acoustic passages.