"Dead And Forever Gone"
CD/Limited digipack A5 CD/MC - 2005 - Iso666 Releases/Darkness Shade Records

1 - What Could Have Been
2 - Long Gone
3 - Last Will
4 - Devilish And Mournful
5 - A Moment Long A Lifetime
6 - A Warm Yesterday
7 - With Your Emptiness
8 - Neon Lights

9 - Joyless And Soulless

10 - Once Was Gold

11 - Ten Thousand Miles Ahead

12 - It Heals, It Hurts




Lorenzo Sassi - Vocals
Claudio Alcara - Guitars

Gherardo Giannarelli - Bass

Gionata Potenti - Drums/Backing Vocals



A totally unexpected album for the most, "Dead And Forever Gone" is a completely Acoustic Rock album, so clean vocals and no guitar distorsion at all. This album represents the most "far away from metal" side of the band as well as the "far away from comformity" attitude of every Frostmoon Eclipse's musician. "Dead And Forever Gone" sounds like a rusted gate opening, a decrepit lullaby of anger and solitude made music. For open minded listeners only.

Digipack A5 version is limited to 150 copies only.

Darkness Shade Records from Usa released a tape version in 2011 limited to 100 pro-done tapes.