"Supreme Triumph In Black"
MCD - 1999 - Black Tears Of Death Prod.

1 - Prelude To Nocturnal Eternity (Into A Velvet Insane Dream)

2 - Shadowdream Of Autumn

3 - Winternight Evil Cold








Claudio Alcara - Guitars

Diego Marchini - Guitars/Vocals

Hermann Stefanelli - Bass

Gionata Potenti - Drums/Vocals



The first professional release on CD. Recorded back in 1998 and released the following year "Supreme Triumph In Black" sounds a bit different from the usual Frostmoon Eclipse standards: songs are epic and symphonic! The MCD got a very elegant digipack edition with booklet miniposter, limited to 500 copies. "Supreme Triumph In Black" quickly become a really hard to find item as well as a small cult release throughout the Italian underground. One year later 0.4.3. Records from Bulgaria re-released it as pro-done split Tape with Italian Black-Metallers Sacradis. All editions are sold-out now.