After discussing with a long friend we decided to release a special compilation album

including B sides of vinyl releases as well as tracks coming from split albums and a couple covers.

We decided to call the compilation album "The Legacy II" to pay tribute to the first compilation

we released almost 10 years ago via God Is Myth Records (Usa), still containing our sold out early material.


"The Legacy II" comes in a limited edition CD of 300 pieces, released by Black Tears Productions (italy).

For all those not remembering this long time friend, this is the label releasing the first

Frostmmoon Eclipse MCD back in 1999.

To get your own copy drop with us a line.


If you are into digital downloading or simply streaming music online, we also uploaded all our

discography on Bandcamp, including the old demos and really hand to find releases.

Check it out simply clicking on the link here below:





We're extremely proud to announce that FROSTMOON ECLIPSE signed a worldwide deal

with Immortal Frost Productions from Belgium for the new full length album

"Worse Weather To Come" that will be released both CD and LP versions.

Recordings are scheduled for next autumn, released date still to be announced for next spring 2019.





We're proud to announce that Worship Tapes from Germany released a pro-tape version

of our latest effort "The Greatest Loss" limited to 100 pieces only.

To get your own copy drop with us a line.




After a long delay we finally got the last split 7" with Moloch from Ukraine,

released by american DIY label Fudgeworthy Records.

The EP comes in a limited to 500 silver-grey colour vinyl.

To get your own copy drop with us a line.




After a bit delay we're proud to announce that Tyrannus Records (Chile) has released

a brillant 4 way split Digipack CD together with Triumfall (Srb), The Last Knell (Chi) and Nadiwrath (Gre)

including Frostmoon Eclipse's long time sold out "A Ticket To Nowhere" EP, previously released on vinyl only.

To get your own copy write to Tyrannus Records (www.tirania.cl) or drop with us a line.




Frostmoon Eclipse signed a deal with Black Blood Records from Germany to release the new album

entitled "The Greatest Loss". Here below you can have a check of the front cover artwork.



Details on the releases soon.




After one year of silence Frostmoon Eclipse are back with some news. A new album is written and recorded.

It will be called THE GREATEST LOSS and will contain 6 tracks for about 45 minutes of dark,

melancholic and nihilistic Black-Metal.

Some new live shows are on the way too.



After a bit delay Necroterror Records sent all the stuff concerning "Waiting For The Darkest Day"

split LP to the factory earlier today. Quite a good news.

Still not sure about a possible release date but it seems pretty close right now.

Unfortunately due to the very limited quantities of copies Necroterror is going to release

we won't have copies to sell but just our own personal ones.

To get your own copy please contact: www.necroterror.net


Songs from "A Ticket To Nowhere" EP have completely remastered to get a powerful sound 

to get them re-released on a digi split CD together with The Last Knell (Chi) and Triumfall (Srb).

Label and release date still to be announced.




We are proud to finally reveal the cover artwork for "Waiting For The Darkest Day" split LP with

The Stone, Horned Almighty and Somrak that will be released soon via Necroterror Records.

It will be released in just 100 hand numbered copies and it will contain one exclusive song each band.

Release date and other details soon.



Italian Black-Metal pioneers Frostmoon Eclipse and Aphelion Production from Scotland

have reached an agreement for the re-issue of the back catalogue of the band

including the sold out albums "Gathering The Dark" (2001) and "Death Is Coming" (2003)

plus "Dead And Forever Gone" (2005) and "Another Face Of Hell" (2007),

all in elegant CD and later LP versions. All albums will have a completely remastered sound,

new artwork and bonus songs.

"Another Face Of Hell" will be the first re-issue, scheduled for Autumn 2013.


Also some new shows are booked, check it out the live section for further details.




We just got the news the EP has been released, we should get the copies in

a couple of weeks, not more.


We also got new professional patches and new shirts are on

the way as well. You can find all the new stuff in the Merchandise section with

big pictures to check out designs and quality.




Frostmoon Eclipse are proud to announce the signing with worldwide famous Osmose Productions

from France. The first proof of this brandnew alliance will be the new album

called "The End Stands Silent", just recorded.

The album will be released in both CD and limited LP. No release date yet.


Frostmoon Eclipse sound can be described as old school Black-Metal highly influenced by

Rock and Acoustic Music. "The End Stands Silence" is the natural evolution

of "Another Face Of Hell" of 2007 and contains 7 new songs for

about 60 minutes of dark and grey suburban music.


There are some plans to re-print also all the old albums with new layouts,

audio remastering and bonus songs. More news will follow.


Here below the new album's tracklist and cover preview.



Frostmoon Eclipse - "The End Stands Silent" (2010)


1. Heaven Outside, Hell Within

2. I Am The Absence

3. Corridors

4. Under Pale City Lights

5. Unnatural Isolation

6. A Clandestine Freedom Between Shadows

7. The End Of Everything